We are the locals ! 

Either by origin or by choice, we are all real Parisians and proud of it! Our team is here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and give you all sorts of tips.

Isabelle could be considered as the “conductor” of the hotel. She runs it with passion and conviction.

Let her introduce you the “Musique” room. May “Music” soothe your nights...

Spoken languages : English, French, Spanish, German

Gino feels at home in our “Poem hotel”. He loves books and is an expert on Alexandre Dumas. Guess which his favourite room is ? The Book one of course !

Spoken languages : English, French

Moussa is not a story teller but a history lover, and Paris is an excellent history hub.

With his historical magazine "Géo Histoire" in hand, he presents one of his favorite rooms, the "Homme" room. Above the bed is a photo of Apollo taken at the Louvre museum.

Spoken languages : English, French, Italian, Classical Arabic

Eugene, the receptionist, will be happy to tell you all about the "Vavin" square, which is depicted in the "Carnet de Voyages" room. This small square with its bakery, coffee shop, terrace, Wallace fountains and newspaper stand is one step away from the hotel.

Why not have a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens right next to it ?

Spoken languages : English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German

Dominik comes from the south of France and brings his easygoing personality along with your breakfast. He is involved in community theatre and is reading the biography of his favourite actor (Fabrice Luchini) in his favourite room : "Paris-Paradis".

We must add that we are close to one of the main theatre streets in Paris : rue de la Gaité.

Spoken languages : English, French

Fawaz loves cities and their histories. He has chosen the room "Ecriture Urbaine" and the book " Paris vu du ciel", which tell a story of two great cities : Paris and New-York.
You will be charmed by his kindness at the reception desk at any time of the night...

Spoken languages : English, French