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Breakfast at Apostrophe hotel

What is more important than a restful night  and waking up fresh after a poetic night at the Apostrophe hotel ? This is why we bring extra special care to our breakfast.

With our « à la carte » breakfast, you can be sure to order only the things that you really feel like :
• The « Express » breakfast consists in a hot drink 2 mini-viennoiserie, « croissant » or « pain au chocolat » and french bread: 7 €
• With the « Apostrophe » breakfast, you will enjoy a hot drink,  viennoiseries, french bread and a fresh-fruit juice : 10 €
• With the « Tonic » breakfast, you can treat yourself to a hot drink, cereals,  a yoghurt, fruit salad and a fresh-fruit juice : 13 €
• With the  « Village » breakfast, we offer you a hot drink, two eggs,  Serrano ham, cheese and bread : 13 €


We put quality first : coffee is a choice between « Nespresso » or americano, our teas come from « Maison Mariage Frères », the most famous Parisian teahouse, our viennoiseries are cooked in the hotel and our fresh fruit juices are made with seasonal fruit (smoothies).

Breakfast is served from 7am til noon (as you can see, the Apostrophe hotel encourages you to remain in bed !) either in your room or downstairs at the lobby. In the Apostrophe rooms categories, a specially designed roll-away table allows you to have the perfect breakfast in bed.

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