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Dominique :

He comes from the South West of France, but is more Parisian than anyone born in Paris. At Apostrophe hotel he will serve you breakfast allways on a good mood.

Here he’s in the « Paris-Paradise » room (a hit !) and his favorite book « Voyages au bout de la nuit » from Céline illustrated by Tardi. A book that starts in Paris of course !

Laurent :

Laurent hails from Bourgogne (one of the best wine region of France) but he knows Paris in and out, especially our “quartier” very well (he has been working on this side of the bank for more than 4 years).

He choose the room : “travel diary” among the others because of its typical parisians’ drawings : Place Vavin, a cafe terrasse, the metro, veli’b (bicycle system), a lady that goes to the market…

Roman Roman :

“Nothing venture, nothing gain” (Sir E. Hillary) The biography title of this book of the reknown alpiniste, wonderfully applies to Roman.

He took all the risks in leaving L.A. for Paris. Here, he is showing the “Urban writing” room, a room that with its decoration, reminds him of Venice beach.

isabelle Isabelle :

The chef and “conductor” of our hotel. She manages it with passion and conviction.

She choose the « Music » room, because it’s different, original and that she thinks “music makes nights sweeter” ?

jeanPierre Jean Pierre :

« When the wise person points to the moon, the idiot looks at his finger… ». Jean Pierre is an experimented man that will welcome you with all his wisdom. He is keen enthusiast of astronomy and astronautics.

So if you planning to talk about this specific topic with him, be sure you have the whole evening free…
This picture is taken in « Once upon a time…” room, with its starry sky. He introduces you one of his personal book on “Ariane” rocket.

gino Gino :

Gino feels at home in our “Poem hotel”, he’s a keen reader of great literary books, especially Alexandre Dumas. He can talk about literature for hourswith any guest whom might share his passion for the art of writtings

It is not surprise that he has chosen the “Book” room. On this photo he’s holding a book titled : « D’art et de papier » that matches perfectly with the wall paper of the room. How come ? The photograph is the same…