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Happy Christmas !

It is Christmas time and at the Apostrophe hotel and we love to play the part of Santa Claus. Because we know that you have been nice all year long, as a Christmas present we would like to give you a - 15 % extra discount  on your next booking for all NAUGHTY and RELAXATION  NIGHTS. Offer valid from December 18th to the 26th.


Christmas season can be a very stressful time for many of us. Shopping for the right present, tree decoration, jotting down the christmas dinner menu, etc, etc… instead of celebrating and share with love ones the seasonal joy of the moment, turns out to be a battle front…. Relax, breath…! a the Apostrophe hotel you will find that moment of serenity  and peace and take a break from that hectic schedule. Perhaps you can take advantage of  one night, maybe two or three… if you wishes so and escape from it all.  During the entire Christmas week you can enjoy a relaxing night in one of our BALNEO rooms and choose  a ‘naughty’ or « relaxation’ little present.  You will see that Christmas season is, after all,  a moment to enjoy the little pleasures of life.


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