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Relax you are at the Apostrophe hotel

As it was not enough that vacation time is barely over and not fully digested, the holiday season is fast approaching and there are so much to do!

Get our winter clothing out of the boxes, do laundry, rake all the fallen leafs in the garden, organizing ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner, Christmas, New Year’s Eve menu, update Dads’ Christmas shopping list, buy gifts, planing to kids costumes for the nativity scene, STOOOOOOOOOP!!!!

Take a break, relax, exhale, inhale, exhale… Phew !!!


In order for you to finally breathe easy and disconnect your mind from all these stressful tasks, the Apostrophe hotel is offering a special 45% discount on all rooms from December 18 to February 29 (subject to availability). The Club Anti Stress hits hard again! One condition though, book it one month in advance.

You can enjoy this exclusive rate directly on our website on our Facebook page or by visiting the hotel on Tripadvisor.

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