Staying at the Apostrophe hotel is not just overnighting in Paris. We want you to have a new experience full of surprises and cordiality. Here are some options to make your stay an unforgettable one :

Romance is not dead

Here are a few ideas of extra amenities that can be ordered to make your stay even more exceptional !

  • Heart of petals on bed with initials of lovers or anniversary figure inside : this small gift has a big success with all our romantic clients (15 €)
  • Silver pendant "Heart to share" : each lover keeps half of the heart...(35 €) 
  • Champagne (59 €) or 1/2 champagne (39 €) : we love bubbles !
  • Book "The best places to kiss in Paris" : you will soon know the secret places for lovers (9 €). 
  • Chocolates, we all deserve sweetness...(8 €)


Enjoy an intimate moment with your partner

Spending a night in a hotel is a perfect way to enjoy a break with your lover !

  • Bracelet "Heart crush", it is all together 2 beautiful bracelets and an unexpected handcuffs (29 €)
  • Discover our Loveboxes with 3 different themes : Romantic Paris, 1001 nights or 7 deadly sins ! (59 € each)
  • Play the naughty dices with your partner,  one dice for the body parts and one for the actions... (15 €)