Who said accessible rooms can't be as comfortable and chic as the others? Definitely not us! We've taken care to design the "Shéhérazade" room with a unique theme just like the rest of our rooms.


The "Shéhérazade" room, which is situated on the ground floor, is our biggest room (16m²). The entrances of both the room and the hotel do not have a doorstep. The doors are 90cm wide and the space between the floor and the bed is 20cm. The bed can be arranged to be a "Queen" (160 cm wide) or a "twin" (2 x 80 cm wide).

The bathroom is designed to allow access for those using wheelchairs: it is a roll-in shower without a doorstep. The hydromassage and rain shower with light has a mosaic tiled bench where you can sit down.


This room transports you to the heart of "1001 Arabian Nights" with a starry sky above the bed that enchants adults and children alike and a bathroom that is covered in blue mosaic tiles with a copper shine. To top it off, a large genie lamp invites you into the world of dreams...