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The pictures beneath were taken by the italian photographer : Edo Bertona, while staying at the Apostrophe Hotel. You will find some of his work on his blog : www.edobertona.it

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The room “Paris”, just under the Paradise, which is looking at the city roofs. Even when the windows are closed, the traveler-poet can still feel the city soul…

La chambre Paris, celle la plus proche du Paradis, qui regarde les toits de Paris. Voilages imprimées avec la vue que le voyageur poète a de sa chambre. Même les rideaux fermés, l\'imagination s\'envole...
The musical room. Notes on the wall, piano touches on the ceiling and musical instruments sticked on the wall like a silent orchestra…

La chambre musique de l\'Apostrophe. Partition sur le mur, notes de piano au plafnd, instruments de musiques aux murs comme un orchestre de chambre immobile pour une symphonie de la nuit.

The « man » room. Hercule tender and strong on the wall and his « silhouette » in transparency on the curtains, like a song to human strength and fragility..