The Apostrophe is a "boutique" hotel with original designed rooms near the Montparnasse district. One of our rooms, "Carnet de Voyages",  celebrates and honors this part of Paris. Montparnasse, a peculiar place where  tourism, culture and epicurean life come together perfectly. It is a must visit district for your next traveling  plans!

Montparnasse, "the ideal place"

Montparnasse is and has always been "the ideal place" to celebrate anything.  Since the time of "Montparnos" (artistic period between the two great wars), artists such as Gauguin or Matisse would gather around Apollinaire at Cafe du Dôme,  just like Hemingway, Henry Miller or Man Ray would do in later years. Others would choose "La Coupole" (Cocteau, Picasso, Foujita, Zadkine, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir...). "La Ruche" welcomed artists from around the world over the years. Further, the North- South bound metro line (N°12)  inaugurated on 1910,  favored the daily "artistic exodus" from Montmartre to Montparnasse.  The opening of Blvd Raspail and its intersection shaped Vavin square as the heart of Montparnasse.

Montparnasse, Culture & Entertainment

What remains of those crazy years ? An incomparable cultural and touristic legacy with the theatres' district around "rue de la Gaieté" and "Bobino", the cemetery of Montparnasse (the tombs of Baudelaire, Sartre, Beauvoir or Gainsbourg...) and the Cartier Foundation for modern art. Without omitting the Montparnasse tower (59 floors) and its panoramic view, it has a  breathtaking perspective on the Eiffel tower.

For those who love to shop, "rue de Rennes" is the perfect place to indulge. The connection between Montparnasse train station and Saint Germain  des Prés is outstanding.  Outdoor markets such as the one on Edgar Quinet blvd, are the perfect spots for those who love to shop for fresh products.

Montparnasse, Restaurants and "brasseries"

Montparnasse has plenty of restaurants and "brasseries". Some classic ones : Le Dôme, La Rotonde, Montparnasse 1900 ; The "creperies" (crepe restaurant), like the famous Tijos or Chez Josselin, will remind you that we're in the Breton district of Paris! And the surprising "Ciel de Paris" ( the restaurant on top of Montparnasse tower) has an attractive Champagne bar and it is a great spot to look the Eiffel Tower in the eye.