Much of Paris' 6th arrondissement is a garden. This atypical and unique configuration gives the 6th district a distinct and exclusive flavor. What better time than the Spring to visit and fully enjoy this french style garden ? You can walk through the gardens to get to the Pantheon or la Sorbonne, just exit on Blvd Saint Michel. The gardens can also be your shortcut to Saint Sulpice church or Saint-Germain-Des-Pres by taking the exit found near the Senate.

The "Luco"

The "Luco" ( a term used by parisians to describe the garden) was created in 1612 under the initiative of Marie de Medicis and redesigned in 1635 by Andre Le Notre (Versailles' landscape architect). It is full of charm and little surprises and is ideal for a morning walk or jog. It harbors the "Parisian" beehive, which will give you a chance to bring forward your "beekeeping" tendencies. Furthermore, you will find an old apple orchard, a greenhouse specialized in orchids, many statues; Beethoven, Baudelaire... and among them, a much smaller version of "Lady Liberty" herself. The fountains... Aah, the fountains ! The main one, built in 1881, is very popular with children as it is where they steer their little boats wooden sticks.

Luxembourg Museum & Zadkine Museum

What else can we find next to the Luxembourg gardens ?

Two incomparable museums, the Luxembourg Museum,  the  first french museum to open its doors to the public (1750) and the first museum of contemporary arts ( 1818) ; and the Zadkine Museum, inside the old house and workshop of the sculptor.

Off the beaten path...

Off the beaten path... You can also decide to make a trip to the starry milky way via the Paris Observatory created by Colbert.  Or choose a dive into culture with the National Center of Art and Essay "Le Lucernaire" a place where cinema, art gallery, bookstore and restaurant come together in perfect harmony. Unless you prefer a visit to your inner artistic soul with the mythical courses at the "Academie de la Grande Chaumiere". It was accesible to great painters such as Delacroix, Gauguin, Modigliani, Picasso, etc, and it is accesible to your enlightened and artistic self as well.

Luxembourg Gardens: Food & Gastronomy

Last but not least, enjoy a gastronomic tour of your choice ! The Vavin Cafe a central meeting place for students of nearby universities, the bakery Kayser (rue d'Assas), the "chocolatier" Jean Paul Hevin and the icecream parlor Amorino on rue Vavin. You still have room for more ? There's an endless array of choices at hand, such as "Le Bistrot des campagnes" family owned place, "Toyo" the originality and freshness of Kenzos' old chef, "Chez Fernand" which is considered as the cafeteria of editors' world or "The Caméléon" brasserie, chic under the reins of the peculiar and extravagant Jean Paul Arabian.