When Parisians talk about « La Rive Gauche » they are not implying the geographical area of the south bank of the river Seine. What they actually have in mind is, all the charm that embodies this little corner of Paris. The « Rive Gauche » is the Paris of intellectuals, students, artists and jazz lovers !  Here are some ideas that will help you enjoy to the fullest this particular and exciting atmosphere.

Latin Quarter

Lets begin by the famous « Latin Quarter » chiefly named after the language used by the first universities established here in the middle ages. Explore the vibrant little streets near the Sorbonne square and the Pantheon. Do not hesitate to continue your visit onto “Rue Mouffetard” and its little restaurants. Take your time to go through the book stores, they are plenty of them within the district. Our favorite one, “Tschann” is a few steps away from the hotel.

Saint-Germain- des-Prés

Intellectual riverbank, true, but above all, artistic ! In fact, it is the mix of all things that gave the “Rive Gauche” its typical allure. Its banner is Saint-Germain- des-Prés. Take a rest and sit down for a cold drink or a cup of coffee in the mythical “Cafe de Flore” or “Au Deux Magots” where Sartre and Beauvoir did once. For Jazz lovers, Le "Petit Journal Montparnasse" or the “Caveau de la Huchette” are the right place. Please, do not forget to view two magnificent museums such as Orsay museum, with the biggest collection of impressionist arts in the world, and Rodin museum, created to celebrate the late great sculptor.

Eiffel tower & Invalides

Finally, the « Rive Gauche » holds the symbol of Paris and France, the Eiffel tower. Of course, on this side of the river, you will also find another icon that symbolizes France around the world ; Napoleon (inside the Invalides). Numerous avenues and boulevards with chic boutiques are on this side of the river. On rue de Rennes, rue de Sévres and rue du Cherche Midi, are located the best and luxurious boutiques of Paris. All these streets converge into a single point which is an obligatory passage for anyone going to do some shopping. “Le Bon Marche”, it is the only department store on the Rive Gauche. It inspired Emile Zola in “Le Bonheur des Dames”... We suggest you to visit the wonderful and fine grocery store on the ground floor. A perfect place for a gourmet shopping spread.