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Chagall at the Luxembourg museum

An exhibition that cannot be missed : « Chagall entre Guerre et Paix » (« Chagall between War and Peace ») at the Luxembourg museum, which is located a few steps away from the hotel.

This is a magnificent opportunity to discover or re-acquaintance yourself with this renown artist that lived almost to  be 100 years old. He experienced two mayor world conflicts ( WWI and WWII) and the Bolshevik revolution. His favorite themes were evolved around his native village (Vitebsk), the Jewish traditions, the Bible, couples, family and circus. He was indeed a  paradoxical figure. Although free of any external influence,  his inspiration emanated from other major autistics’ movement (cubism, suprematism, surrealism). However, he kept intact his taste for allegorical and narrative ideas. He is one of the rare figurative painters of his time.

Luxembourg museum
February 21  to July 21 2013
open every day


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