3, rue de Chevreuse 75006 Paris, Phone: +33 1 56 54 31 31 info@apostrophe-hotel.com

Add three letters to Paris it is Par(ad)is(e)!

This quote from Jules Renard inspires us. We imagined our hotel as a route through the signs and traces which leads us to the rooftops of Paris is to say Paradis.

Once upon a time in Paris there was a hotel. In that hotel there were rooms and in these rooms there were letters and punctuation. One day the « apostrophe » gathered them together and decided to tell a story:
• « There is a very long time there were traces, shadows and ephemeral signs.
• Then came the scores, music signs, a letter and finally all the letters.
• These letters were living in the city. Some were elected on the most beautiful posters of our city, the most rebels preferred to tag the walls, and others were trapped in selected printers.
• They invaded the newspapers, plunged into travel books and some of them went to China! But they wanted to go home, then they began orderly:
First the A and D, D, T, H and so on. They wrote this sentence:
• Most surprising in this story is that at the very top of the Apostrophe hotel all the letters had  recreated a small paradise around an A and D under the roofs of Paris …  »

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