Hydromassage showers or whirlpool bath? A hard choice!

The Apostrophe hotel is not afraid of boasting about its exceptional bathrooms. They open onto the room in quite spectacular fasion. It took us more than four months to pick the right tiles so that they fit perfectly with the unique decor of each room.

Bubles made of marble in the  "Femme" room, fiber glass in a blue hue in "Calligraphie", the amazing parquet style of the "Carnet de voyage", the black & white touches of the "Musique" room  and the mosaic in "Shéhérazade" are just a few examples of our unique and beautiful bathrooms... What our clients really like, however, is the comfort that they offer. We offer both powerful showers with  6 lateral spigots, a thermostatic button that runs and memorises the water temperature and a nice illuminated rain shower...

Or our whirlpool Balneo bathtubs from the  "Romanza" collection by Grandform with chromotherapy. They are absolutely ideal for relaxing after a long parisian day..


So which one will it be? It is up to you...    

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February 15, 2016