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A moving visit to Omaha beach

This coming June 6th will mark the 69th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. A propitious date to visit one of the most touching place that commemorates a crucial event of the last century. The American Memorial Cemetery located at Collevile-sur-Mer overwhelms the senses. With  more than one million visitors a year, it is the most visited American cemetery. This sacred ground sits on top of the hill overlooking Omaha beach. The well manicured lawn enshrines 9238 white crosses and 149 stars of David perfectly aligned honoring American soldiers who died during the invasion and other battlegrounds in France. Walking through these white crosses and stars of David, a gentle breeze welcomes you into a realm of complete calmness and serenity even though you will not be the only one visitor.



It is a place that invites you to ponder and reflect about the courage, camaraderie, determination and sacrifice of an entire generation. If you ever find yourself in the area, the detour is well worth it. Who knows, chances are that you might be the next one to have the honor of lowering and folding the American flag at the end of the day !

Which happened to Mr. Gatien the hotel General Manager and his wife.

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